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► Année : 2021

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La planche de surfkite Eleveight Escape PRO 2021 est un surf no-nose parfait pour le freestyle mais aussi très bon dans les vagues.

Livrée planche seule, sans pads ni ailerons

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Planche de surf kite - Escape Pro Eleveight - 2021

Livrée planche seule, sans pads ni ailerons

La planche de surfkite Eleveight Escape PRO 2021 est un surf no-nose parfait pour le freestyle mais aussi très bon dans les vagues.

The Escape Pro is the ultimate performance board to stomp radical strapless freestyle tricks or chase small waves.


  • High-performance noseless shape for strapless freestyle and surf
  • CFT construction with eco-friendly resin for a pure surf feel
  • Carbon stringer and reinforcements for responsive flex and durability
  • Short rail line to minimize drag and faster rotations
  • Hand shaped, ideal for strapless freestyle and small to medium waves

Ride the Escape Pro, the fierce strapless freestyle board with extensive surf features. When it comes down to sending radical tricks or slashing small to medium waves, the Escape Pro brings the best of both worlds together. It’s progressive noseless shape, the perfectly balanced volume distribution, and the short rails enable the rider to execute the most aggressive, radical moves.
To stay in full control of production and ensure superior quality, we manufacture locally at the doorsteps of Eleveight’s HQ in Portugal. Each board is handmade by skilled professionals using our extraordinary Carbon Flex Technology (CFT) construction. This construction is all about the board’s flex and feedback. The distinctive surf-feel of a professional board is instantly noticeable for advanced riders, allowing them to perform at the highest level.

Most recently, we fine-tuned the design to meet the latest demands of the strapless freestyle market. By slightly modifying the outline, we make it easier to pop the board and generate lift. This characteristic is enhanced by added surface area and volume in the nose section of the board. We refined the tail and increased the width by a touch to improve take-off. Smart channel placements at the nose and tail harmonize with the Thruster fin setup (Futures fins) and result in extreme grip, supporting you during aggressive maneuvers and sketchy landings. The short rails minimize drag while optimizing the swing weight. Overall we improved the upwind ability and the ease-of-use, especially for initiating rotations. The latest performance-tech materials are used, such as a premium medium density PU-core and a carbon stringer. For longevity, we equipped the Escape Pro with an Innegra/carbon vector grip. Shaped with new eco-friendly UV-resistant resin, the Escape Pro shines in white that lasts for multiple seasons, keeping the ecological footprint to a minimum. Same goes for the packaging. We got rid of 90% of the plastic, designing new rail guards from cardboard. The Escape Pro is the perfect board to stomp strapless freestyle tricks or chase waves. Escape your limitations and unleash your potential.

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