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La planche de kite Eleveight Process C+ v4 2020 est conçue pour le freeride, elle est polyvalente et évolutive.

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Planche de kitesurf Eleveight Process C+ v4 2020 - Complète

La planche de kite Eleveight Process C+ v4 2020 est conçue pour le freeride, elle est polyvalente et évolutive. C'est la version Carbone de la process.

Made with the latest performance-tech carbon, the Process C+ is ultra-dynamic and responsive, ideal for aggressive boosts and powerful carves.


  • High-performance full carbon freeride twin tip with progressive flex
  • Innovative parabolic rail shape for better rail grip and upwind ability
  • Ultra-light carbon construction for powerful riding
  • Progressive channel design for exceptional control in high speeds
  • Equipped with Airgo2 pads and straps and 45mm G10 fins

This year our crowd favorite, the performance freeride board Process, received a big brother: the Process C+ V1. While the outline and 3D shape are identical, it features a highly advanced full carbon construction on the inside. The fine-tuned 3D Paulownia wood core, a must in modern board technology, is entirely covered with a premium layer of Biax Carbon. By fusing the low-density wood with the feather-light carbon, we created an incredibly performant flex pattern that is slightly stiffer than the one of its ancestor. It allows the rider to hold the edge longer, fully loading up the board, boosting extra aggressively. When timed well, the Process C+ acts like a catapult, slinging its rider into great heights. But it is not only a board for radical jumps, just like the Process it makes all conditions fun.

The smooth rocker outline plans exceptionally early while the sophisticated channel layout, combined with the glassed G10 fins, provides grip and control in fierce gusts and howling storms. The C+ features our recently developed and highly innovative PRS technology – a parabolic rail shape design, best described as a tucked-under-rail. It is a leap in twin tip performance. The rails cut through chop more comfortably, speed generation is enhanced, and the ease of upwind-travel is improved. To ensure the perfect linear flex between center and rails, we kept the thickness of the tips slender. The result is faster-turning speed and added responsiveness. No matter the conditions, the Process C+ is an ultra-dynamic and playful ride.

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